Aladdin Dog

From now on!

Always make changes,
there will be surprises everywhere.
This time we want to be different, let Aladdin give you more magic.

Every step is solid.

When Aladdin is walking,
neural algorithms,
excellent structures plus sensors and other technologies are used.
Deep integration technology will make a big difference to make every step solid and graceful.

More than a companion, also a helper

Voice? Follow?

Besides these simple companions,
Alpha also has the function of guarding your home
and accompanying you to the ends of the earth.

Radar + vision to see through everything.

Depth vision plus radar, obstacle avoidance,
automatic charging, and of course,
image recognition, exploration, and etc.,
help you see through everything.
Shopping and delivery are only a piece of cake.

Protect the home

Whether you are at home or away from home,
I will guard the house and report to you every movement.
The house is under control at all times.

Made from 100% recycled metal.

Made of stainless steel alloy metal with high strength and corrosion resistance created by smelting and fine forging,
it allows us to achieve the same durable,
beautiful and flawless body without having to ask the earth for any new materials.
We use recycled steel and advanced spraying process,
which increase hardness by 60%, and allow the product to have explosion-proof ability.

  • Voice control

    Voice commands bring you accompany and communication. You can communicate with Aladdin by voice. Make communication easier and Alpha knows you better.

  • Smart, safe and enjoyable

    Neural algorithm + sensor can feel and understand you. It will learn voice communication or walking posture autonomously. Learning makes people progress. Of course, it can be upgraded in real time.

  • Space accompanying

    Keep you company at all times and follow you to the ends of the earth. Not only to follow, but also to protect you. With security guardian module, it can protect you at any time.

  • Automation

    ntelligent Alpha can complete more automation upgrades on this platform in order to better fulfill the assigned mission.

  • Actively avoid obstacles

    Depth camera + laser radar + algorithm fusion technology make it walk with wind and heart. Easy to go up the stairs, take the elevator, or run, go ahead.

  • Explore the endless possibilities

    Industrial automation, business, automation and more things to explore. Aladdin will bring us infinite possibilities in the future.